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Who is Mack Zidan? Mack Zidan is an internet marketer that has been around the industry for a long time. He has promoted several affiliate offers and many of his own products such as EZ Money Formula with great success. He is currently one of the top affiliates inside the Empower Network.

There are a lot of people who try to use Mack Zidan’s name in order to bring more traffic to their own site, but often times leave the viewer with a dishonest impression of who he really is. It is time to set the record straight about this internet marketer.

Who Is Mack Zidan

Part of the Empower Network team, Mack Zidan is famous for making more than $139,980 in only 92 days. He joined the program and managed to score the highest payment after 3 months. The most amazing fact about this thing is that he has done it by working only 1 to 2 hours a day. His major tasks were returning e-mails and taking care of web pages. Being made fun of by colleagues because he got in 7 months later, Mack Zidan managed to enroll 793 new members, since May 10th. While others can’t make this much money in a lifetime, he’s done it in only 3 months.

He states he can develop the Empower Network’s system and products to the highest paying level. Social media is what gives an online business the most impressive start. This kind of presentation can change the entire sales game. Mack Zidan sustains the idea that social media shifts the power to the costumers. They have to be informed and part of the entire money making situation, which has to take place in complete transparency.

Mack Zidan EZ Money Formula

The program made by Mack is being called EZ. His Money Formula System comprises three distinct programs:

  • GVO
  • Pure Leverage
  • Empower Network

The good new is you can join GVO for free. Being called the “Piggy back strategy”, this program guides newbies into money making while using the authority of a successful person. In other words, you leverage his/her success and build yourself a new money making system. If you are an Empower Network member and you didn’t reach your launching pod yet, try doing it through EZ. All these programs are essential for your future career. Most of the entrepreneurs are skeptical about EZ. There is no need to not trust it, as it’s free and simple to understand.

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